Sport Partnership Manager

With the ever-evolving career opportunities in the sports industry, the role of a Sport Partnership Manager is certainly gaining prominence. Sport Partnership involves forging valuable alliances and collaborations in the sports industry. If you have a passion for sports and aren’t exactly sure where to start when looking for a role in the sporting space, we’re here to tell you what to expect from the role of a Sport Partnership Manager so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

What is a Sport Partnership Manager?

A Sport Partnership Manager is a strategic liaison between sports entities and your client’s corporate sponsors. You will source different potential partnerships and develop your network of sponsors. This multifaceted role will require you to understand the nuances of the sports industry and maintain a keen business acumen to negotiate and secure lucrative partnerships.


What are the duties of a Sport Partnership Manager?

Your top priority as a Sport Partnership Manager is to manage the partnership relations of your client and work to promote and improve the visibility of sports projects. To excel in this role, you must hone in on the following skills:

  • Crafting strategic alliances
    One of the primary responsibilities of a Sport Partnership Manager is to identify and forge strategic alliances that align with the objectives of both the sports organisation and the potential partner. To do so, you must deeply understand all involved parties’ brand values, target audience and marketing goals to promote the development of a club, sports brand or athlete.
  • Negotiating and securing partnerships
    Negotiation skills are a must-have in the arsenal of a successful Sport Partnership Manager. From sponsorship agreements to marketing collaborations, you must navigate the intricate terrain of contract negotiations to secure financially beneficial and strategically advantageous deals.
  • Managing relationships
    Beyond securing partnerships with sponsors, the role of a Sport Partnership Manager extends to relationship management. A skilled Sport Partnership Manager ensures the partnership remains mutually beneficial, addressing concerns and proactively seeking ways to enhance the value for the sports organisation and its partners.
  • ROI analysis
    Analysing the return on investment (ROI) of partnerships is another core aspect of the role. As a Sport Partnership Manager, you will evaluate the impact of collaborations by utilising data-driven approaches and making informed decisions to optimise future engagements.


How to take the first step in becoming a Sport Partnership Manager

To set yourself up for success as a future Sport Partnership Manager, you should have a combination of educational qualifications and relevant experience. The best part of choosing to study at ACPE is that we’re renowned for our courses, taking a holistic approach to balance theoretical studies with practical experience. Our courses to prepare you for a career as a Sport Partnership Manager include:

  • Postgraduate: Graduate Certificate in Sport Management
    We’ve developed the GCSM to provide post-graduate education that accurately reflects the industry expectations of prospective employees seeking a role as a Sport Partnership Manager. Study for three months full-time or the part-time equivalent, depending on your needs. With online study, we make it easy for you to make time to study along with your other commitments. Whether you’re an at-home parent or need to make time to balance your job, at ACPE, we strive to make your life a little easier and want to see you succeed in your studies and future career as a Sport Partnership Manager.
  • Postgraduate: Graduate Diploma of Sport Management
    Not only will you gain a post-graduate certificate after completing this course — but you will also complete valuable work experience to prepare you for a future career as a Sport Partnership Manager. Learn from the best industry professionals, rated 92.7% for their teaching quality and 90.5% for student support. At ACPE, our teaching experts take the time to ensure every student is on the right track and provide the necessary support to see every student achieve the best of their ability.


Enrol at ACPE and take the leap towards a future career as a Sport Partnership Manager

With various sport management jobs to choose from, Sport Partnership is fundamental in building and sustaining alliances in the sports industry. As the demand for strategic collaborations in the sporting arena continues to rise, Sport Partnership Managers play a critical role in shaping the future of sponsorship in sports and sports marketing. If you’re uncertain if this role is right for you, explore our career guides for Sport Development Officer, High Performance Sport Manager and Strength and Conditioning Coach. If you have any questions, contact our staff, who would be delighted to help.

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