Semester overview of a Health Science student

Semester overview of a Health Science student
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I like to be prepared and have a plan when I start a new semester because otherwise, I stress way too much during the semester. Each semester is different and class times vary, but the due dates for assignments/exams and structure of some units are almost predictable prior to a new semester, and this is especially true if you’re doing an HSC unit. They almost always have the structure of a mid-semester exam around week 5 – 7, a report /essay due at the end of the semester, and then a final exam during the end of semester exam week.

Currently, I am only doing three units, but I normally do four. I will be honest and tell you that doing three units after doing four per semester for so like feels like a walk in the park. Saying that though, it’s still important for me to keep organised and on top of my assessments.

I always make one of these planners (pictured) for each semester in order to keep track of where I am in the semester and also to know when I have to get started on studying for an exam or start with an assignment.

The first assessment always feels a little off for me, because I have no idea what to really expect and I’m mostly still trying to get a grip about what the subject is all about. However, after that assessment is over and done, it normally starts to flow a little better since I’m starting to piece together a full picture of the content. A semester is normally 12 weeks not including the mid-semester break nor the final exam week, and from personal experience, I can say that it is important to stay on top of your studies all semester. This can be difficult, but you will thank yourself when you are studying for final exams. If you’re not on top of your studies in the beginning it can be difficult to catch up later in the semester, and it can quickly become overwhelming at the end of the semester.

Assignments are typically due on Sundays, so my advice is to get your assignments completed on Friday. That way, you can properly enjoy your weekend.

This article was written by ACPE International Student; Maddie.

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