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If you’re interested in building a career on the backbone of your passion for sports, ACPE is home to various sports courses to help you gain the qualifications you need to succeed in the sports industry. If you don’t see yourself as an athlete and want to pursue a more behind-the-scenes role, allow us to introduce you to the role of Sports Consultant


What is a Sports Consultant?

As a Sports Consultant, you’ll operate at the intersection of sports and business. Drawing on your expert knowledge of athletic performance, team dynamics and market strategies, you will be a key player in advising teams, athletes and sports organisations to help optimise player performance and financial returns. At ACPE, we remain at the forefront of developing professionals within this field to help reshape the sports industry.


What to expect from the role of a Sports Consultant 

At ACPE, our industry professionals teach our students that sports consultancy is far more than just offering advice. It involves recognising the nuances of the sports industry, the expected challenges you may face and how to leverage a holistic strategy to navigate this competitive space. Here are some of the key attributes of a Sports Consultant:

  • Strategic planning and management — As a Sports Consultant, you will craft a strategy for teams and athletes to identify both short and long-term goals. You must ensure these goals are achievable and mirror the organisation’s objectives and the athlete’s vision for their future career.
  • Financial advisory — A Sports Consultant provides financial guidance, including contract negotiations and sponsorship deals and guides athletes on personal financial management to help secure their future. 
  • Help improve player performance — Sports is not just about winning — it’s about analysing previous games to identify areas of improvement to ensure players and the overall team are performing to the best of their ability. You will collaborate with the coaching staff, use analytics and employ the latest training methodologies to prime team members for peak performance. 
  • Brand management — Aside from the individual players, athletes and sports teams are also brands. You must manage their image, public relations and overall brand value. By analysing market trends, you will play a fundamental role in helping to craft impactful brand strategies. 


How ACPE champions the role of Sports Consultants through our course offerings

Our commitment at ACPE is to nurture the next generation of sports professionals through our courses, which balance theoretical and practical components for a holistic learning experience. Our courses to prepare you for the role of Sports Consultant include:

This course will enable you to explore the realm of sports on domestic and global levels. You will build a strong foundation in business acumen to manage professional and non-profit sports organisations, athlete representation, event coordination and more. 

This graduate certificate allows you to target employment opportunities within upper management in the sports industry. If you are already employed in the sports sector and require upskilling, wish to transition to a career in sports or have extensive experience in sports but require a formal qualification, this course is ideal for you. It allows the option of part-time study so you can balance other work commitments. You can move between full-time and part-time study as needed. 

This graduate certificate has been carefully developed to align with industry requirements and expectations. It perfectly balances your theoretical post-graduate education with extensive experience working in sports to ensure you’re job-ready for a management position in sports. You can conveniently complete this certification in under three months with online, full-time study or one year with part-time study. Whether you’re already employed in the sports industry, are transitioning into sports or want to be job-ready for a sports management position, this course is well-suited for your needs.


Enrol at ACPE and take the first step towards a career as a Sports Consultant 

The role of a Sports Consultant is multi-faceted, and its significance cannot be underestimated. As the sports industry evolves, the demand for well-trained, experienced Sports Consultants continues to rise. At ACPE, we aim to foster a holistic, well-balanced learning experience for students to contribute to the sports industry’s growth and evolution meaningfully. 

Having achieved a 92.7% rating for teaching quality, 87.6% for the quality of the overall student experience and 90.5% for student support, it’s no wonder ACPE has made a name for itself as Australia’s leading sports education provider. To explore other sports careers, check out our courses for Head of Sport, Player Development Manager, Sport Manager and Sport Talent Manager. If you have any queries, contact our team, who would be delighted to assist you further.

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