ESOS Framework

Education Services for Overseas Students

Australia has a reputation as a safe, progressive and dynamic place to study for international students. To maintain this reputation the Australian Government has established a legislative framework to ensure the provision of quality education and consumer protection for students coming to Australia on student visas. This legislation is known as the ESOS Framework.

This legislation applies to you only if you are studying in Australia on a student visa.

Further information on the ESOS Framework is provided on the Australian Government Australian Education International (AEI) website.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are payable each semester and students are generally enrolled for two semesters per year. Click here for international student tuition fees schedules.

Tuition fees are reviewed periodically and may be subject to increase. Tuition fees must be paid in full each semester. Commencing international students must ensure that their first semester’s tuition fees are paid to the College before a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) can be issued.

Refund of Fees

The Refund Policy – Domestic and International Students available at outlines the procedures and circumstances under which the refund, re-credit, or remission of tuition fees are available to students.

Other Costs Associated with Your Study

Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

You are required to purchase specific overseas student health cover (OSHC) in Australia from an approved Health Insurance Provider. OSHC is a requirement of your student visa unless you live in a country which has an agreement with the Australian Government allowing you an exemption from this visa condition. Belgian, Norwegian and some Swedish students are not required to purchase OSHC as part of their visa requirements.

You must hold an OSHC policy for the duration of your course and an additional three months which allows you time after you have completed your course to make any necessary arrangements. If you have requested.

Text Books

Some units offered at ACPE will require you to access one or more textbooks. The library holds at least once copy of prescribed unit textbooks as well as recommended readings. When available, the Library provides access to electronic versions of prescribed textbooks. The College recommends that students purchase their own copy of prescribed textbooks as demand for library-held copies may be high. Text books may range from $50.00 to $150.00 per book. The ACPE Library site is: ACPE Library Website . In addition to text books, you should allow for additional costs associated with being a student, such as stationery items.

Travel Costs

You will need to take into account the cost of travelling to and from the college. We are located within close walking distance from train stations and bus stops, and parking is provided nearby.On-Campus Parking (Optional) –There is no onsite parking available to students and limited street parking is patrolled by parking inspectors. Parking is available in a designated Sydney Olympic Park Parking station at a cost of approximately $160.00 per semester. Most students travel to the campus by public transport.Public Transport –Concession tickets are not normally available to international students for travel on Sydney trains, buses and ferries. Allow approximately $12.00 per day travel. To travel in Sydney on public transport you will need to obtain an OPAL card. You can obtain an adult opal card from major retailers and convenience stores once you have arrived in Australia, visit:

Living Costs

The Study In Australia website outlines the yearly costs associated with living in Australia during your studies (amounts do not include your tuition fees and other study costs such as textbooks and any airfares to travel to and from Australia).

Student Visa Conditions

While you’re studying, you need to be aware of your student visa conditions.  There are strict conditions attached to Australian student visas. Read the full list of student visa conditions, including maintaining satisfactory academic progressworking while on your visa,  and Overseas Student Health Cover, on the full list on the  Department of Home Affairs website

As an international student, you are expected to enrol in a full-time load on-campus. You may be able to enrol in online units to a maximum of one third of your course. The College will monitor your unit enrolments each teaching period to ensure you maintain a full-time load and do not exceed the maximum number of online units allowable under your visa conditions.

You are expected to complete your course in the allotted full-time course period, which will be listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). Variations to your enrolment or changes to the length of your stay in Australia will affect your visa.

Your academic results will be reviewed at the end of each teaching period. It is a condition of your enrolment that you achieve a minimum grade of “Pass” or “Satisfactory” for all units attempted at ACPE.

New students may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for studies completed at a level equivalent to the course for which you have been admitted. You have 0 credit points granted for RPL.

It is a condition of your visa that you keep the College updated of your personal contact details and your emergency contact details, while studying at the College. You must therefore provide ACPE with your Australian residential address within 7 days of arriving in Australia, as well as notifying the College of any change in your Australian residential address, phone number, personal email address and emergency contact information, within 7 days of the change.

ACPE Support Services Available To You

Student Services

The Student Services team provides services to assist you with enrolment and other administrative matters throughout your time at ACPE.

Student Learning Services

Provides assistance with academic literacy and numeracy skills. The SLS can help you develop your academic writing and referencing, Time Management, Presentation and Public Speaking skills. 

Counselling Services

The College employs the services of a counsellor to provide professional and confidential student assistance counselling when personal, family or study issues are impacting on their quality of life.