Heather Welch

Class of 2005

A word from Heather

Heather is still learning everyday, from working as a Teacher  (sports business) Non Executive Director (charity and sport) and Senior Management (educational business) having enjoyed success in several corners of the world. Heather’s career has taken her across the globe since graduating from ACPE from sunny beaches in Sydney, Australia to the bustling city of Singapore,  Dubai to London. 

Heather has enjoyed experiences and successes as a teacher, in sports management now in business marketing and  management. Heather hosts a podcast on Educational Experts with Edx Education. ACPE gave Heather the foundation to start her career as a teacher, before allowing her to grow, develop and figure out which career path to take with many challenges along the way.

Currently in the UK as the International Branding Manager for Edx Education. The company creates and develops, innovative education products for schools and parents. Playing to her strengths, taking a teaching background, skills learnt from ACPE  then business from her Master’s looking after a range of brand made up of amazing educational products. This is definitely a dream job!

‘Well, never be afraid to try everything, a teaching degree can give you lifelong skills in lots of different industries. Think outside the box. One thing I learnt when I was moving countries is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone in all areas of your life, social, sport, work and study.’

 Heather uses the practical application learnt from teaching for her role at Edx Education, not only with the brand development but also with the business side as well.  ACPE gave her the foundation to start a career as a teacher, however moved more into sports management then business management, the studies at ACPE allowed her to grow, develop and figure out which path to take for a career.

‘Find something you love, find a way to make a living out of it. Once you love your work it will never feel hard or tiring to go to work, just an adventure, new challenge to be creative!’

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