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Student programs

ACPE offers a range of programs for students to be a part of during their time on campus. Some of these programs include: the Mentor Program, the Student Volunteer program, the Peer study assist program, Student life and events program and the ACPE student leadership program.

Student volunteer program

The Student Volunteer program provides students networking and event management experience in assisting the marketing/student engagement department in areas such as Orientation Weeks, Open Days, Marketing Activations and Career Expos with ACPE and relevant stakeholders and partners.

Peer Study assist program

(Selective based on academic results) – This provides the opportunity for senior students to demonstrate their leadership and teaching skills while assisting ACPE’s Category 1 Elite Athletes with their academic studies.

The ACPE Mentor Program

The mentor program aims to help new students feel welcome and supported as they embark on their journey at ACPE. Its objectives are to provide students opportunities to integrate smoothly into the college community. Each of the Mentor Leaders selected, are continuing students who have eagerly volunteered their time to support new students through their first semester at ACPE.

Student life and events program

(Open to all Students) – The Student life and events program encompasses social programs that promote student integration and therefore strengthens bonds amongst ACPE students. These programs are open for all students and participation is encouraged. These programs include – Social functions, such as welcome back parties and the ACPE Annual Awards Dinner, campus event such as RUOK day and fundraisers.

ACPE Sport

(Open to all Students) – To drive the participation in sport around the ACPE campus both internally and externally. Including students from all departments and age groups in the ACPE Sport community. These programs are open for all students and participation is encouraged. These programs include- National University Championship, ACPE Social Sport on campus, ACPE Sport teams in local competitions, staff vs student sports matches

ACPE Student Leadership Program

The ACPE Student Leadership Program focuses on providing students with an increased sense of connectivity with College. The Student involvement in this program contributes to a positive experience at ACPE.

This group consists of representatives from each extracurricular program (Mentor Program, Student Volunteer program, Student life and events program, ACPE sports leaders and Student Engagement Team) who come together to represent the student body as a whole.

This group discusses matters relating to student life and current ACPE programs, with access to senior staff allowing students to make a real difference at the College.