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Unable to meet requirements

Special Provision for Applicants unable to meet the General Admission Criteria

An applicant seeking admission who is unable to demonstrate that he or she satisfactorily meets the General Admission Criteria may apply to the college to be considered for Provisional Admission. Students who do not fully meet these requirements may be enrolled in an ACPE Foundation unit (at no cost to the student*) for one semester.  In these instances a student may not enrol in any other units until the student has passed the Foundation unit in the first semester.  Once a student has passed the first unit, the student may then formally be accepted into the degree. An applicant should be aware that if he or she is being considered for Provisional Admission, he or she may be requested to provide evidence that will demonstrate to the Head of College’s satisfaction that he or she has a reasonable likelihood of success in his or her studies with the college. They may also be required to attend an interview with the Head of College.

*Unpaid only available to students who completed their HSC in the previous year, and are not yet considered mature age. For example if you completed your HSC in 2019 and are not yet 21 years of age you can apply to undertake the non-award pathway. If you have recently completed your HSC in 2020 and are applying to study in Semester  1, 2021 you must pay for the pathway course. 


Special circumstances considered in the determining of Provisional Admission, and the conditions of Provisional Admission, may include:

1. Elite Athletes who can demonstrate that their training and/or competitive commitments have affected their academic achievement

2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in recognition of the past exclusion and current disadvantage in these people’s experience

3. Educational disadvantage due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control. These disadvantages could relate to:

  • Disability
  • Serious or chronic illness
  • Disrupted education
  • Lack of support for study
  • Serious family problems
  • Significant family responsibilities

An applicant should also be aware that conditions, as determined by the CEO and Dean, would normally be attached to a provisional admission such as:

1. The applicant may be admitted as a non-award student for one or maximum 2 units with conditions. A non-award enrolment is not eligible for FEE Help. If the student enrols and is able to pass the non-award unit(s) and meets the requirements, the applicant can be considered for entry into the relevant degree.

2. He or she must undertake a reduced load in the first semester; and/or

3. Students admitted on this basis shall only be permitted to attend a Professional Placement on successful completion of the first 4 units of study, which is the equivalent of one semester at a full-time load.