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Admission Criteria

All applicants must meet the general admissions criteria. In addition, entry into ACPE Dance and Education degrees also require special entry requirements.

General admissions criteria

Applicants must meet at least ONE of the following criteria to be considered for admission. For applicants unable to meet the general admission requirements below, please read this information

  • A minimum NSW HSC (Higher School Certificate) average of 60 (calculated from the average of the highest 10 units completed) or equivalent
  • A qualification from a recognised higher education provider
  • An Associate Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Tertiary Preparation Certificate from a TAFE or other recognised VET provider qualification (Students wishing to enter through Certificate IV must have completed Year 11 or equivalent)
  • One year full-time or equivalent in a degree course at an Australian university
  • Satisfaction of entry requirements specified under formal articulation arrangements as determined by the ACPE Academic Board
  • A recognised overseas qualification with demonstrated proficiency in English
  • Demonstration to the Dean’s satisfaction of good selection prospects as a student (for example, relevant work experience and motivation to study), and ineligibility to compete for admission based on the academic achievement criteria (1) to (6)

Special entry requirements


Applicants for the Bachelor of Dance Education, Bachelor of Dance Practice and Bachelor of Health Science (Dance) are required to attend an audition and achieve a satisfactory outcome. Please contact an enrolment advisor on 1300 302 867 to apply for a dance audition.

Prospective students need to demonstrate skills and attributes at an audition in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for entry into the qualification. The criteria for a successful Dance audition and acceptance into one of the three Dance courses is linked to standards of dance technique and dance composition. Students are evaluated on their ability to achieve the minimum standard required for Year 1.

These criteria include:

  • Fitness for dance: (strength, endurance, flexibility)
  • Alignment, coordination and self-use
  • Ability to learn and remember new movement patterns and sequences
  • Accuracy and clarity of execution
  • Performance presence / quality
  • Composition: inventiveness and readiness generating unique movement relative to an idea

Education and Dance Education

To enter directly into the Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education) course or the Bachelor of Dance Education course, an applicant must have a minimum NSW HSC (Higher School Certificate) average of 65 (calculated from the average of the highest 10 units completed) or equivalent, AND three Band 5 results or higher, including one in NSW English or equivalent.

Graduate Diploma

Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor degree in a relevant area.
  • An Advanced Diploma, Diploma or higher level vocational certificate with additional relevant work experience.
  • Extensive relevant work or educational experience demonstrating potential to undertake work at the Graduate Diploma level.

Such students may be accepted to the Graduate Certificate and can progress to the Graduate Diploma on successful completion of the four Graduate Certificate subjects.