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Entry requirements

At ACPE we understand that no individual is alike and we also believe that Higher Education should be an opportunity for many. This is why our entry requirements are flexible and we are not part of the UAC system so you can apply online at any time.

Here are just some of the reasons to apply now with ACPE so we can assess you as an individual.

  • Not ATAR dependent
  • We’re looking for an average score across your top 10 HSC units of study
  • We look at the whole of you – not just your School/academic results
  • We look at your work and life experience and assess the likelihood of success

General admission to the college is governed by the overarching principles of fairness, transparency, and timeliness, and is based on a combined range of factors, including merit, academic performance.

Read the General Admission Criteria and Degree Specific Requirements

When applying, read the program or course’s inherent requirements to ensure you are able to meet them, and contact the Director of Student Services & Campus Wellbeing to discuss adjustments that may be put in place.