1. Did you enjoy being a part of the program? 

Yes. There were many subjects that I assumed upon enrolment would be boring and onerous, such as Events, Economics and Marketing (feel free to add real unit names). However, reflecting on these units I found them to be really engaging and enjoyable. Many of the assessments focused on real world scenarios and enabled me to creatively build solutions, create businesses, form initiatives and high-end proposals. I also found the work experience unit was such an essential part of preparing me for work post retirement from professional sport.  

  1. What made you choose ACPE and why should other student athletes do the same? 

Having been a professional athlete, sport was always a passion of mine and the business/administrative aspect had long appealed to me. The Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) at ACPE was the perfect fit for where I was in 2015 when I first began, and they had demonstrated consistently that they understood how to manage elite athletes and best set them up for successful completion.  

  1. What skills did your degree provide you with? 

It provided me with an ability to process information quickly, given me the confidence to develop and present proposals comfortably and armed me with industry knowledge that has given me a leg up in sports administration. I found the targeted work experience was a vital element in my education that provided me with a better understanding of the industry and gave me much needed confidence in preparation for my employment.  

  1. What sets ACPE apart from other universities/educational institutions? 

What sets it apart in my view, is the personalised assistance and the flexibility they afforded me with my training and playing schedule. The lecturers always had time to discuss assessments with me one on one and help me better understand unit topics. I could always contact Maureen if I was stuck due to my sporting commitments and no matter what time of the day (or night) she was always available and willing to assist me. I know that if I had attended a university that wasn't prepared to be flexible and enable me to juggle my sporting career and my education, I wouldn't have completed my degree.  

Jamie Buhrer - NRL