1. Did you enjoy being a part of the program? 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ACPE. The opportunity to study in a small and unique environment meant I was not just another number. The staff genuinely care about each student and provide so many opportunities in the classroom, and outside of it. 

  1. What are you up to now? 

I am currently working at Macquarie University looking after over 230 student-athletes in the elite athlete program. Having recently retired from playing I am still heavily involved in coaching at Gordon and commentating the WBBL for ABC Radio. 

  1. What made you choose ACPE and why should other student athletes do the same? 

The unique learning environment and small class numbers made it a no brainer to study at ACPE. There are by far more opportunities for those that want to get into the professional sporting world by offering practical experiences in the set up and teaching at sporting related schools. The partnerships that ACPE has managed to gain and the broad network of former students/alumni made it the first and only choice for me 

  1. What skills did your degree provide you with? 

Some of the skills I acquired from studying at ACPE were how to network, teamwork, being confident to speak in front of an audience, in this case kids, and widening my friendship group with like-minded individuals. 

  1. What sets ACPE apart from other universities/ educational institutions? 

The support from staff, lecturers and fellow students sets ACPE apart from all other places. To attend an educational institution with all like-minded individuals who are mostly competing at a high level and gain a real insight into a high-performance sporting back room. 

I would not have been able to continue or balance my studies while competing and playing around the world if I weren’t at ACPE. Other institutions have now caught up and I hope to see ACPE continue to lead in this space. 

The access to first class facilities on the doorstep of ACPE is unique. I often found myself in class, learning at one of the many Olympic arenas around the precinct. 

Charlotte Anneveld - Cricket