1. I chose ACPE as a few of my team mates studied here and only spoke of how well the program was & how it caters for athletes. Also had a program that I thought would best suit me & my lifestyle.

2. The program offers academic & social support. Helping me to be able to balance work, studies & my busy training schedule without feeling overly stressed. An awesome program to be apart of especially if you have a lot of sporting commitments but want to be able to put yourself in a better position once you’re sporting career ends.

3. To be able to transition smoothly into life after my sporting career with a degree & into a job that I will love. ACPE also assists with building connections in the workforce, offering various opportunities to intern/network with sporting clubs & areas of work within your interests.

4. ACPE provides a very personalised style of study, the tutors & lecturers are so easy going and because it’s a small college are able to connect with us a lot more than bigger universities. All the staff at ACPE are so flexible around commitments & teach the content in a way that makes it fun! Rather than just listening to someone ramble on for an hour or so.

Maureen & Lauren check-in often & are always up to date with mine/other elite athletes’ students upcoming seasons/games/events which they often help me to balance my studies around what’s going on at the time.

Shanice Parker - Rugby League