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Dr Jae Won Kang

Lecturer, Sport Business

Dr Jae Won Kang

Job Title:

Lecturer, Sport Business



  • PhD in Social Science & Policy, University of New South Wales
  • Master of Education (Coach Education),  University of Sydney
  • Master of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management (Project Management), Victoria University
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), RMIT University
  • 8th Dan (Kukkiwon – World Taekwondo Headquarters)

Staff Profile

Contact Details

Telephone: 9739 3371

Teaching Interest

  • Sports business management and leadership
  • Research project
  • Research Interest

Current Projects:


  • Kim, Y. R., Kang, J. W., Kim, M. H., Lee, W. Y., Gwak, E. Y., & Lee, K. M. (In progress). International cases in high performance based national athletes’ training management. Korean Institute of Sport Science.
  • Kang, J. W. (2019). An examination of the mediating role of acculturation on the relations between perceived discrimination and constraints. Submitted.
  • Kang, J. W., &  Shala, M. (2017, October). Strategically reinvesting in refugee communities with a gender lens. The 2017 Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia’s bi-annual conference Celebrate. Reflect. Advance: Challenges and Possibilities for Multicultural Australia, Darwin, Australia.
  • Kang, J. W., & Bonny, Lee. (2017). A Study of Moral Status and the Direction of Association for Korean Remembrance at Cowra. Journal of Diaspora Studies, 21(1), 7-51.
  • Kang, J. W. (2016). Identity of sport ministry. Paper presented at World Diaspora Culture and Sports Conference: Healing, Hope and Heaven, Sydney, Australia.
  • Kang, J. W. (2015). An analysis of facility management of Sydney Olympic park with non-existent legends and its policy implication. Academic Association of Global Cultural Contents, 18, 1-23.
  • Kang, J. W., & Lim, S. (2015). The relationship of demographic characteristics, service quality and customer satisfaction among recreation participants in glocal marketing management. The Korean Journal of Management. 24(5), 981-998.
  • Kang, J. W., Lim, S., & No. Y. (2015). The relationship between characteristics, mentoring perception, satisfaction and performance. The Journal of Korean Alliance of Martial Arts, 17(2), 101-119.
  • Kang, J. W., Lim, S., & Lim, W. N. (2015). The relationship between participation characteristics, motivation and exercise addiction. The Korean Journal of Sports Science, 24(1), 455-470.
  • Kang, J. W., Lim, S., & Seo, M. J. (2015). The relationship between leadership and performance satisfaction among young fencing players. The Korean Journal of Sports Science, 24(1), 185-201.
  • Kang, J. W. (2014). An understanding of Christian missions to Aboriginal people and the role of Korean ethnic Churches in Australia. Theology and Praxis, 38, 612-640.
  • Lim, S., & Kang, J. W. (2014). A study of obesity, body image satisfaction and social physique anxiety of middle-aged women. The Korean Journal of Science, 23(4), 38-54.
  • Kang, J. W., Lim, S., & Song, S. (2014). The effect of golfer’s characteristics on buying behaviour: Focused on demographic and situational characteristics. Journal of Tourism and Leisure Research, 26(4), 285-304.
  • Kang, J. W. (2014). Modern acceptance and suggestion of traditional Aboriginal culture in Australia. Academic Association of Global Cultural Contents,14, 41-60.
  • Kang, J. W. (2014). Perceived discrimination as a predictor of the acculturation process to the mainstream cultural context: the mediating role of peer social support of mainstream group members. Journal of Social Science Research, 22(1), 4-21.
  • Kang, J. W., Lim, S., & Lim, W. (2014). Relationship between participation characteristics, motivation and exercise addiction among health club participants: Moderating effect of exercise flow. Korean Journal of Leisure, Tourism and Recreation, 38(3), 23-36.
  • Kang, J. W., & Lim, S. (2014). A study of gender differences in consumer behaviour: The role of expectancy value in the relationship between service quality and consumer’s purchase intention. The Korean Journal of Sports Science, 23(6), 327-340.
  • Kang, J. W. (2013). Australian Aboriginal history and cultural heritage as national identity and its problems toward extension of Aboriginal values. Journal of History and Culture, 46, 193-225.
  • Kang, J. W. (2013). Value and prospect of taekwondo as ethno-cultural content in a multicultural context. Academic Association of Global Cultural Contents, 10, 71-105.
  • Kim, Y. R., Yoo, T. H., Shin, S. Y., Kwon, S. Y., & Kang, J. W. (2013). Sport and career education for national representative athletes. Seoul: Korea Institute of Sport Science.
  • Kang, J. W., & Kim, Y. R. (2013). A review of elite athlete career and education program in Korea. Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 18(1), 263-284.
  • Kang, J. W. (2013). The biblical principle of sports ministry and strategy. Theology and Mission, 42, 175-213.
  • Kang, J. W. (2012). The relationship between acculturation and ethnically-based sporting culture among the 1.5-2nd generation Korean-Australian children. Association for the Studies of Koreans Abroad, 27, 7-59.
  • Kang, J. W. (2011, June). Perceived constraints on health promotion and sport participation. The VII International Conference on Physical Education and Sport Science, Paris, France.
  • Kang, J. W. (2011). Influence of acculturation, social support and perceived constraints on level of sport participation. The International Journal of Sport and Society, 2(3), 65-74.
  • Kang, J. W. (2011). Perceived constraints on sport participation among young Koreans in Australia. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 7(77), 775-781.
  • Kang, J. W. (2010). Towards an effective network structure of overseas Korean taekwondo leaders. Journal of Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport, 23(1), 1-26.
  • Kang, J. W. (2010, August). Acculturation and sport patterns among young Koreans in Australia. The 11th World Leisure Congress, ChunCheon, Korea.
  • Kang, J. W. (2010, November). Young Koreans and taekwondo in Australia. The 10th Biennial Pacific-Asia Conference on Korean Studies 2010: Korean Studies in Shift, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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