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While you’ve likely tuned in to many sport games growing up, have you given much thought to the hard work of keeping a sports game running smoothly? That’s where the role of a Sport Facility Manager comes into play. At ACPE, what makes us Australia’s leading sporting institution is that we recognise the importance of all sporting roles, including those behind-the-scenes jobs that we don’t necessarily see on the big screen.

If you’re soon to graduate high school and have an interest in sports but don’t want to pursue a career actually playing the game, why not get into helping organise the game? Allow us to talk you through what’s expected in the role of a Sport Facility Manager and how to pursue this exciting career.

What is a Sport Facility Manager?

At the core, a Sport Facility Manager orchestrates the symphony of operations behind the scenes of a sports game. These professionals are the backbone of sports facilities, managing all aspects of the game to ensure a seamless event from start to finish. From overseeing maintenance and security to coordinating with various stakeholders, a Sport Facility Manager wears many hats to ensure the game goes off without a hitch for spectators to watch and enjoy.

What is a Sport Facility Manager’s average day like?

As a Sport Facility Manager, it’s your responsibility to coordinate, plan and supervise the smooth operation of the sporting facility, whether it’s a football game, basketball game, tennis match or other. When applying for a Sport Facility Manager job position, these are the tasks they will expect of you day in and day out:

1. Manage the upkeep of the sports facility

A Sport Facility Manager oversees the physical space where sports magic happens. This means meticulous planning for routine maintenance, addressing wear and tear of sports supplies, arranging for necessary equipment repairs, ordering new equipment if needed and ensuring that the facility meets the appropriate safety standards. A well-maintained space ensures athlete safety and contributes to the overall spectator experience.

2. Event planning and coordination

While viewers watching the game behind their screens only see the thrill of the game, it’s worth noting that behind every game or championship lies meticulous planning. Sport Facility Managers are the masterminds behind these plans, coordinating with event organisers, teams and other stakeholders to ensure every detail, from booking practice sessions to seating arrangements, security measures, organising evacuation routes and preparing for upcoming competitions, is flawlessly executed.

3. Budget management

When it comes to sports, financial acumen is as high on the list as tactical knowledge is on the field. Sport Facility Managers are entrusted with budgeting responsibilities that include preparing a budget plan and making strategic decisions to optimise resources while maintaining high-quality standards. They must manage the flow of expenses for maintenance, hire new employees, determine employee salaries, establish facility fees, set appropriate membership prices and ticket costs and further event logistics.

4. Communication and relationship management

Effective communication is the glue that holds the web of sports facility operations together. As a Sport Facility Manager, you must have the ability to foster relationships with vendors, sponsors and internal staff. Clear communication means that everyone involved is on the same page to ensure the event is a successful one all around.

How to kickstart your journey to become a Sport Facility Manager

Becoming a Sport Facility Manager requires a blend of formal education, practical experience and a passion for sports that will fuel your everyday experience on the job. Luckily, by choosing to study at ACPE, you’re choosing a degree that not only stops at teaching theory but gives you the necessary practical experience that will help you land your dream role and allow you to decide if this is the right career for you in the first place!

Our Associate Degree of Sports Business covers the key topics of sports management, sports analytics, sports law and integrity, leadership, athlete well-being and management, sports in a social context, sports governance and structures and the international landscape of sports business. It gives you a well-rounded perspective of sports, allowing you to tailor your chosen career to your interests. Study this degree full-time to complete your studies in two years or the part-time equivalent to balance other priorities like work or familial commitments.

Enrol at ACPE and invest in your future career as a Sport Facility Manager

Sport Facility Managers are the unsung heroes of sports games, working hard behind the scenes to set the stage for athletes to shine. From maintaining facilities to orchestrating sporting events, this dynamic role awaits you! For other sports careers, check out our sports coaching degrees or enrol in a Bachelor of Sports Business Leadership to learn sports business on a domestic and global scale. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would gladly assist.

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