Sport Communication Manager

In the dynamic world of sports, effective communication is the glue that holds together the team, fans and the media. Enter the Sport Communication Manager — a critical role in communicating and supervising the production and follow-up of a sports event.

At ACPE, nothing excites us more than equipping students with the fundamental skills they need to succeed in the sports industry. After all, a career in sports doesn’t just stop at athletes. Plenty of behind-the-scenes roles keep a sports game running smoothly — a Sport Communication Manager being one of them.

What is Sport Communication?

Sport Communication involves addressing the general public, institutions or partners in the world of sport to promote the game. A Sport Communication Manager is not just a messenger — they resonate with diverse audiences, acting as the messenger between sports organisations and the public. As a Sport Communication Manager, you will craft compelling stories that go beyond the playing field. This role doesn’t just stop at press releases — it extends to harnessing the power of social media, podcasts and other contemporary channels to amplify the sports narrative.


The daily tasks of a Sport Communication Manager

As the job title makes clear, the primary role of a Sport Communication Manager is communication. While this involves establishing a strategy for the event, you must also be there every step of the way and follow through to the end of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you resonate with the following soft skills, the role of a Sport Communication Manager might just be the right fit for you:

  • Crafting engaging content
    In the digital age, content is critical, and the Sport Communication Manager plays a big part in content creation. From drafting press releases to articles and social media posts that captivate audiences, you will wear many hats in the content creation space. Every word is meticulously chosen to evoke passion and forge connections between fans and their favourite teams.
  • Media liaison expert
    Navigating the intricate web of media relations is a core role of a Sport Communication Manager. You will build and nurture relationships with journalists, ensuring accurate coverage while staying on guard for any crises that may occur. You must safeguard the reputation of the sports entity they represent.
  • Brand management and image building
    The Sport Communication Manager oversees the image of the sporting organisation. You will curate the brand narrative, showcasing the values and aspirations of the sports entity. From press conferences to social media campaigns, every interaction is fundamental to managing all aspects of the brand.
  • Crisis communication
    In the fast-paced world of sports, crises are inevitable. As a Sport Communication Manager, you will navigate through turbulent waters when a crisis occurs, steering the organisation through with transparency, poise and strategic messaging.


How to become a Sport Communication Manager with the help of ACPE

Whether you are soon to graduate from high school and considering a career in sports, are already employed in sports and looking to climb the ranks, or are ready to make a career switch, we’re here to support your journey at ACPE. Enrol in one of the below courses to invest in your future career as a Sport Communication Manager:

  • Postgraduate: Graduate Certificate in Sport Management
    The GCSM provides a postgraduate education for students to upskill and equip themselves for a management or governance position in the sports industry. Complete this certificate in as short as three months with a full-time load or the part-time equivalent to manage competing priorities. Study this course completely online for your convenience.
  • Postgraduate: Graduate Diploma of Sport Management
    At ACPE, we’ve collaborated with key experts in Sport Management to create this graduate diploma programme. It includes invaluable work experience that aligns with industry requirements and expectations so you can set yourself up for success when pursuing a career as a Sport Communication Manager. Complete this course in only six months with a full-time load or the part-time equivalent, depending on your preferences. You can easily fit this course into your routine with flexible online study.


Enrol in a Sport Communication Management course at ACPE today

From shaping brand identities to navigating sports publicity issues with finesse, Sport Communication Managers are the unsung heroes of the sporting space. Play a vital role in helping sports organisations dominate the industry on and off the field with your valuable insights. For other roles in the sports industry, check out our career guides on Sports Development Officers, High Performance Sports Managers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who would be more than happy to assist you.

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