Elite Athlete Manager

Behind every team of athletes stands a dedicated team of supporters, including the Elite Athlete Manager. At Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE), we play an active role in shaping the future of sports education. We recognise the incredible role that Elite Athlete Managers play in overseeing the athlete’s career and becoming a guiding force, mentor and close confidante.

If you see yourself pursuing a career in the sports industry and want to impact the lives of elite athletes, we’re here to talk you through what to expect from the role of Elite Athlete Manager and how you can take steps to qualify yourself for this career.


What is athlete management?

As an Elite Athlete Manager, you must oversee top-tier athletes’ career and business interests. That means guiding the athlete’s career trajectory, negotiating contracts with teams and sponsors, securing endorsement deals and ensuring the athlete’s overall health and well-being. Through your expertise, your goal is to maximise the career potential of an elite athlete and their financial earnings whilst still safeguarding their rights and interests.


The multi-faceted duties of an Elite Athlete Manager

Managing elite athletes requires balancing various responsibilities. It includes:

  • Career strategising — You will create a detailed career plan for the athlete to track their growth and long-term success. This means selecting competitions, training programs and allocating rest periods.
  • Liaising for commercial opportunities — Endorsements, sponsorships and media rights are integral for an elite athlete’s financial well-being. You will negotiate their contracts and ensure their value is recognised and rewarded.
  • Personal guide — Beyond the professional responsibilities, an Elite Athlete Manager should assist athletes in their personal growth and development, providing counsel on media interactions, public behaviour and financial management.
  • Crisis manager — An elite athlete may encounter injuries, media controversies or unexpected setbacks. In the face of these challenges, an Elite Athlete Manager must step in and offer solutions to manage public relations.


Cultivating Elite Athlete Managers at ACPE

At ACPE, we take a holistic approach to our sports courses, ensuring students have the ideal blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure long-term success in their careers as Elite Athlete Managers. This immersive experience is invaluable to provide you with insights you simply can’t get when just relying on classroom learning. Our courses to prepare you for the role of Elite Athlete Manager include the following:

This unique course allows you to explore the realm of sports business on a domestic and global scale. You will gain a strong foundation in business acumen, including the administrative, legal, marketing, technological and financial aspects of the sports industry to manage profit and not-for-profit sports organisations, athletes, sporting events and facilities. Complete this course over three years full-time or six years part-time to balance other commitments.

At ACPE, we’ve collaborated with industry experts to create this course. To obtain this post-graduate certificate, you will complete work experience that aligns with industry requirements so you know exactly what to expect when stepping into the workforce. Complete this flexible course part-time or full-time to accommodate other life commitments. This course is completed online, so you don’t have to worry about travelling to and from campus — save time and study from the comfort of your own home.


Enrol at ACPE to qualify yourself for a role as an Elite Athlete Manager

Elite Athlete Managers play a critical role in the journey of sports stars to ensure they shine bright both on and off the field. At ACPE, we’re Australia’s leading provider of specialist undergraduate sports degrees that will help qualify you to pursue the career of your dreams. You will complete your courses with the support of industry professionals for a learning experience like no other. At ACPE, we outshine our competitors, rated in the top 20 for overall quality of student experience in 2022. We’ve also achieved a 92.7% rating for teaching quality, 87.6% for the quality of the overall student experience and 90.5% for student support.

If you’re on the fence about this career and want to explore other career pathways in the sports industry, browse our entire range of courses in sports coaching and sports management. Come join us at ACPE Open Day, where you can meet students and lecturers, explore the campus and participate in info sessions so you can be sure of your decision to enrol. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who would be delighted to assist you further.

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