Hockey NSW Provides Unique Learning Opportunity for ACPE Students and Alumni

Hockey NSW Provides Unique Learning Opportunity for ACPE Students and Alumni

In partnership, Hockey NSW and ACPE have facilitated opportunities for current students and alumni to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional, industry environment.

Hockey NSW currently have three interns working with their various business units on several tasks and projects. Two of these interns are current students who are undertaking the internship as a major part of their coursework requirements. ACPE students are required to undertake 40 hours of what is known as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) which helps them gain practical on the job experience.

Jerome Murillo, currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Sports Administration, has been placed under the guidance Hockey NSW State Teams Manager, James Psarakis. This placement has seen Jerome create mock budgets, schedules and logistical plans for teams heading off on a National Championships campaign.

After the completion of his course, Jerome hopes to move into a role within the industry working directly with athletes and coaches, assisting with their well-being and logistical requirements.

ACPE Alumni, Jeremy Gillings, has been working closely with the Hockey NSW Member Engagement and Operations team on a large member data project. Jeremy has been working through and analysing insights from Hockey NSW members on their recent hockey experiences, which will help Hockey NSW to develop initiatives and strategies to better engage with our participants.

In the participation space, Rob McEnally, a recent ACPE graduate, with a Bachelor of Health and Movement (Major in health promotion) is currently assisting the Hockey NSW team with their school planning and strategy program. One of his main focuses for the first quarter of the year is to assist with the co-ordination of our upcoming 37 School Gala Days across NSW.

“During my degree, I developed an interest in ensuring children have access to an active and healthy lifestyle. After working in several large sporting organisations, I understand there is a large focus on driving participation from grassroots, all the way to elite athletes,” said Rob.

“The opportunity to work on the school strategy plan is something that I have really enjoyed over the last three months, and my knowledge gained has reinforced that the participation area is where I would like to work in the future. I went into this internship with a strong willingness to learn, and to learn as much as I possibly can. The internship has provided me with valuable experience and knowledge, and I cannot thank Hockey NSW, and in particular Kate Pulbrook (Participation Manager) enough for the effort they have put into ensure I am heavily involved in different projects.”

Hockey NSW CEO David Thompson is thrilled that the organisation can help develop ACPE students and alumni into fully-fledged industry professionals.

“It’s been fantastic to have Rob, Jerome and Jeremy on board with us for the last few months. Sport is a competitive industry to break into, so I’m really glad we’ve been able to give these ACPE students some valuable experience and practical knowledge,” said Thompson.

“ACPE is a valued partner of Hockey NSW and we are happy to assist with providing ongoing development opportunities to their students and alumni. Our team has benefitted greatly from some of the tasks that have been undertaken by the ACPE students, and some of the outcomes will go towards creating better experiences and programs for our members. We look forward to offering more internships and potentially even ongoing employment in the future.”

Michael McKnight, Partnerships Manager at ACPE, believes these on-the-job experiences allow students to learn what employability skills and attributes are required, in the current landscape, to be able to both excel in the future and gain employment.

“Gaining professional experience during 2020 with Hockey NSW has allowed our students and alumni to witness first-hand how an organisation adapts both its programs and processes during a time of change,” said McKnight.

“We were grateful that the wonderful Hockey NSW team provided this unique learning opportunity for our students and alumni.”

“Hockey NSW ensured that our students and alumni would make the most of this opportunity by designing specific projects and programs and by providing strong support and guidance throughout. It is great to hear that this initiative benefited not only our students and alumni but also Hockey NSW.”

Keep an eye out for our more awesome achievements by ACPE students and alumni in 2021!

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