Have a passion for Dance? Fancy becoming a dance teacher?

Have a passion for Dance? Fancy becoming a dance teacher?
Have a passion for Dance? Fancy becoming a dance teacher?

Passionate about dance? Want to become a dance teacher?

Have you loved dance since you were a kid?

Or have you discovered the joy of dance later in your life?

Is expressing yourself with your body on stage where you’re happiest?

Do you dream of teaching dance to others?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then we’re pretty sure ACPE’s Bachelor of Dance Practice is the degree for you to bring your passion for dance to life.

ACPE’s Bachelor of Dance Practice is a specialised degree suited to those who are passionate about dance, who want to study a dance degree and who want to make it their career.

The three-year full-time industry-recognised degree (or part-time equivalent) blends the best of practical knowledge and theory to help you build a tremendous skill set and earn a qualification that combines dance as an art form with dance as a means of self-expression, celebration, health and empowerment.

“Our dance courses combine both the dance practice and the dance theory,” says Diane Grant, Head of Department, Education and Dance at ACPE. “The more you understand about the world of dance the more versed you are in following a career in dance.”

Units range from dance history to anatomy and physiology to business and promotion – plus practical studio time to learn about dance styles from the classical to the contemporary. And it’s taught in a flexible format via lectures, tutorials, dance classes, performance workshops and seminars. You’ll also undertake two dance industry placements during your course, which helps you see how your skills can translate to professional environments.

Recent graduates agreed.

“I love studying the dance degree because our teachers in the classroom and the studio have so much knowledge,” says Lauren Beutel, a Bachelor of Dance Education student.

“It goes beyond the exploration of physical movement; it goes into creating your own vocabulary of movement,” adds Ellie Shinas, a Bachelor of Dance Education graduate. “If my friend asked me about the Bachelor of Dance Education degree at ACPE I would highly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun. It’s hard work but you get a great result out of it.”

The dance industry is always evolving – which means the employment opportunities and career outcomes available for graduates are always changing as well. Combining creativity with practical training through this industry-recognised degree is perfect if you’re wanting to build a solid career within the dynamic dance industry, with options such as being an independent artist, a dance or arts administrator, or working in a dance studio, for example.

And what if you’re interested in more than dance practice?

“I chose the dance degree at ACPE because it’s the only place where you can study dance education as well as the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). I have a passion for teaching and I really think this was the place to do that,” says Kara Valente, a Bachelor of Dance Education student.

If you’re keen on bringing the joy of dance to others through a teaching career at secondary school level, the Bachelor of Dance Practice is also a pathway course to ACPE’s unique four-year full-time Bachelor of Dance Education.

This degree prepares graduates to teach Dance and PDHPE in the secondary school system, or apply their skills and knowledge in other educational contexts such as private dance studios or conducting performances in schools. And ACPE is the only place where you can combine these two courses of study.

“I really think it’s important that people study dance and bring this perspective to the greater world,” says Dr Nalina Wait, Dance Lecturer at ACPE.

Studying at ACPE goes beyond the classroom. If you’re studying the Bachelor of Dance Practice, you’ll also be surrounded by a great social network of other dancers who share your passion and know what it’s like to go through the rigours of a practical and academic educational experience.

There are also special activities throughout the year to put your skills to the test and show off what you’ve learned, including an end-of-year showcase, a photoshoot and even the ACPE Treasures cheer squad: because performing live in front of an audience is the ultimate thrill!

Education degree entry requirements

Considering an education degree?

An education degree is also known as an “initial teacher education” or “ITE” course.

At ACPE, we offer two ITE courses: the Bachelor of Dance Education and the Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education).

Strict direct entry requirements into ITE courses are set out by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA). But what happens if you don’t meet these requirements?

That’s why ACPE pathway degrees are fantastic: because we know that you want to keep your career options open. Pathway degrees to an education degree are a great option for students who don’t meet the NESA requirements.

Entry to ITE courses may be granted either direct or indirect entry. You can read more about these requirements on pages 5-6 of the ACPE Admissions Information Set here.

The Bachelor of Dance Practice and Bachelor of Dance Education courses are both FEE-HELP approved (for domestic students).

In addition to ACPE’s entry requirements, this course requires an audition (linked to standards of dance technique and dance composition). Auditions are held weekly – so feel free to reach out to book your spot.

Visit the course pages above for more detail on what each course includes. If you need help navigating the above requirements, reach out to our friendly ACPE team to help you navigate the multiple pathways open to your dream career in Dance!

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