Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) student, Maddie Pirie, finds Internship with Wheelchair Rugby Australia

Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) student, Maddie Pirie, finds Internship with Wheelchair Rugby Australia
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Having work experience while studying provides students experience in the career field, they want to engage in. Not only does this provide individuals an advantage over other applicants when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work.

Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) student, Maddie Pirie, recently completed her degree with ACPE. Maddie was 5 years out of high school before she found her calling within the sports industry and enrolled at ACPE. It was the opportunity to work closely with industry professionals and interact with like-minded students that drew Maddie to the Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) course at ACPE; “I am extremely passionate about sport for development and saw this degree to help me pursue a career in this area.”

During her final year, Maddie attained an internship with Wheelchair Rugby Australia. The role was original advertised with the ACPE Career Development Services Team when Maddie personally reached out to the organisation and introduced herself; “What first interested me in this role was the opportunity to gain industry experience in sports marketing and social media planning. Moreover, I have a great interest in inclusion and diversity in sport and I believe WRA is an amazing organisation that advocates for people with a disability.”

After successfully attaining the internship position with Wheelchair Rugby Australia, Maddie began working with the marketing team, designing marketing content, and planning for the GIO National Championships. With such a fabulous opportunity at her fingertips, Maddie’s experience with Wheelchair Rugby Australia is another fantastic example of the illustrious industry exposure ACPE’s students have while studying for their degree.

Since completing her degree with ACPE, Maddie has recently been employed by Paddle Australia as an Administration Coordinator.

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