Hannah Lidster: From Sports Fan to Sports Expert

Hannah Lidster: From Sports Fan to Sports Expert
Hannah Lidster

Hannah has been an avid sport fan from a young age, and over the course of 10 years since graduation has worked in 3 of the 4 biggest football codes in the country – AFL, NRL & A-League across a variety of corporate, consumer, community and business strategy roles. Hannah currently works as the General Manager for Consumer Business & Community at Sydney FC, we asked her to reflect on her time at ACPE and some of the key learning from her time at the college.

Why did you choose to study with ACPE?

During my final years of high school I began searching for a degree that perfectly matched my passion and what I was good at. The Bachelor of Sports Business at ACPE was unmatched in market at the time.

What did you enjoy most about your time with ACPE?

The small yearly cohort – it was an instantly comfortable environment with the same group of like-minded people together for nearly all lectures and tutorials.was always a fun environment and took out the complexities of having to work with unknown people for each project like what would happen at a mainstream university.

What skills did you gain through studying at ACPE?

I learnt all of the fundamental business skills I now use on a daily basis – event and project management, finance and law principals, marketing and business analytics.

While studying at ACPE, did you complete any internships or general industry experience?

Yes, through ACPE in my first year I was introduced to an opportunity to volunteer at the GWS Giants as they prepared to enter the AFL for their first season. In addition I volunteered at a range of corporate events in Year 2 of the degree and throughout my final year. That lead to part time work in Merchandising, before being offered a full-time role to join the Club in their first season as Corporate Sales & Events Coordinator.

How did ACPE help set you up for where you are today?

ACPE set me up with the skills I needed to enter the workforce directly after graduation and start my career in sport. It also provided me a foot in the door with an elite sports club which happened to become my first employer post-graduation. On top of this, due to the small class size it has allowed me to create and keep life-long friends.

What advice would you have for young adults considering studying with ACPE and pursuing a career in Sport, Health, Fitness, Education or Dance?

If you are looking for a more boutique experience than attending a larger university and being one of hundreds in the same course, this is the perfect place to study. Additionally, very few universities would have the connections into the array of sports organisations and clubs that ACPE has, and it’s proven in the Sports Industry that volunteer and internship opportunities can be invaluable to starting a career in sport.

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