Ben Shelley: Gamechanger and Doctor of Physiotherapy Student

Ben Shelley: Gamechanger and Doctor of Physiotherapy Student

Today’s ACPE Alumni Gamechanger is Ben Shelley! Ben is currently studying the Doctor of Physiotherapy Degree at Macquarie University, after completing the Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) Degree at ACPE. Ben lives with his wife after recently getting married in October of 2020 and now work as a physiotherapist assistant in private practice whilst he completes his postgraduate studies, allowing him to gain first hand industry experience. Ben also plays rugby for Eastwood Rugby Club and work as a strapper and sports trainer for a local rugby league team on the weekends.

Why did you choose to study with ACPE?

I chose ACPE because it feels more like a family than a university. Being a small institution, all the academics know you by name and know your story. Choosing to study with ACPE also means you get access to state of the art facilities on campus and great connections to industry experience.

What did you enjoy most about your time with ACPE?

ACPE was relaxed and fun. You’re not just a student there, you’re part of the ACPE family, and I really enjoyed being a part of the social events and sports teams. Uni games was an awesome time away playing sport and building friendships that I still have today. But most of all, I enjoyed high quality education in a relaxed and fun place to be.

What skills did you gain through studying at ACPE?

I gained crucial clinical skills that have provided the framework for my learning in a postgraduate degree today. I also gained essential communication and language skills that will be critical in my work as a therapist in the future.

While studying at ACPE, did you complete any internships or general industry experience?

I didn’t complete an internships, but I gain work experience with Water Polo Australia, which was awesome!

How did ACPE help set you up for where you are today?

ACPE provided me with a foundational degree that laid the platform for my continued study in desired field of Physiotherapy. Without the key skills and education provided by ACPE, I wouldn’t be studying what I’m studying today nor would I have the passion for what I do today.

What advice would you have for young adults considering studying with ACPE and pursuing a career in Sport, Health, Fitness, Education or Dance?

ACPE can help you find your passion, so even if you’re not 100% confident going in, you will be coming out at the end. Give it your all, because the health industry is one that is always going to be there, and is always going to need committed and passionate people to be a part of it

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