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Our courses offer selected subjects to be studied on campus or online. We also offer three completely online higher education degrees so if you're not located near our campus at Sydney's Olympic Park, you can still easily enrol and study with us.

ACPE has a wide partnership network. We strive to develop, educate and empower well rounded career ready graduates through quality teaching and learning and industry engagement. We enable you to start working on your career prospects from Day 1.

Our courses offer selected subjects to be studied on campus or online, either part time or full time. With 15 different courses available, ranging from 6 months to 4 years in duration, there is a wide course selection to select from.

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Elite Athlete, Performer & Coach Program

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You don't need to be a school leaver (or wait for your results) to apply to enrol with ACPE. Our courses are direct entry which means that your entry into courses isn’t dependent on an ATAR. There are several pathways to entry.

Direct Entry

Safwan Khalil

ACPE Alumni and Olympian 

"To my fellow Taekwondo family,

I am extremely proud to be apart of the Australian Taekwondo community and the club coaches, instructors, parents' students and all others involved who remained consistent through their training and development during the toughest year we’ve ever had to encounter. It is a true testament to the resilience and discipline Taekwondo has instilled in all of us.

I have a rich history with the Australian College of Physical education (ACPE), they were very helpful in supporting me through balancing my study along with training full time and traveling the globe to prepare for the Olympics. ACPE partnering with Australian Taekwondo and the Performance Pathway Project installs so much excitement and hope for what the future of Australian Taekwondo looks like. Knowing that ACPE will look after all future Taekwondo athletes while they strive for their Taekwondo and study ambitions puts a big smile on my face.

The future looks very bright for Taekwondo!"