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ACPE Alumni Update

April 2020

Upcoming events

During these times, we would like to remain connected to our alumni network and ensure you are in contact with one another. ACPE staff will be hosting a live webinar via zoom, which is open to our entire alumni network. This will be an interactive session and a great opportunity for you to reconnect with old classmates and friends that you may not have heard from for some time. During the webinar, we will be covering:

-An update on college life and current ACPE programs
-Upcoming alumni events
-Alumni interactions and memories
-Professional development opportunities
-How ACPE can support our alumni network

We highly encourage our alumni network to join our webinar to reconnect with both the College and one another.

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Stay connected

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With over 100 years experience, ACPE has an extensive alumni network that spans right across Australia. It is so important to remain connected with both one another and ACPE alike. We always like hearing from our alumni family, whether it is to reach out and share memories, to enquire about hosting ACPE students as interns or to organise alumni reunions we always value your feedback. 

Please connect with us below.

Alumni News

We had the privilege of recently hosting an ACPE Alumni reunion for The Class of 1963. Of the 13 students enrolled in 1963, we had 10 ladies and a partner join us for a fantastic day on campus last weekend. Coordinated by ACPE Alumnus Helen Walker, the ladies had a great time reconnecting and sharing old stories. With two alumni even flying in from Perth and South Australia for the reunion. Helen Walker contributed the following comments after their reunion "On behalf of all of us a BIG thank you to ACPE for such an enjoyable, informative day. All of us were very impressed with the facilities for students and staff at ACPE, and perhaps a little envious. We all agreed that we thoroughly still loved our three years at our campus in ‘the tin shed’. May ACPE continue to go and grow from strength to strength."

Class of 1963 reunion

Class of 1979 reunion

It was a great experience hosting the class of 1979 40th reunion here on campus. There were many stories shared throughout the day by all attendees and it was fantastic to see that everyones sense of humour is well and truly still in tact! The reunion attracted ACPE alumni from several states across the country, the ACPE team are looking forward to hosting their 45th reunion in 2024! Jenny Andrews contributed the below comments after the reunion "It was great to catch up with our ACPE fellow Alumni from the 70's for our 40th reunion, which was amazingly organised by ACPE staff at the Locker Room, near ANZ Stadium. People travelled from WA, QLD and Northern NSW to join us. The tour of the new College showed us all how far ACPE has come since we were students at Croydon Campus in the late 70's. Many memories and photos were shared we look forward to our 45th reunion in 2024."

The ACPE Careers Team have organised a series of Career Development webinars for all ACPE students. We would like to extend an invitation to our alumni network to join in on this development opportunity. This series is purely focussed around developing employability skills that will assist you with your career goals. Our webinar series will allow you to tune in from your home and engage with the ACPE Careers Team. It is a great opportunity to build and expand your skill set and to collaborate with like minded, passionate individuals. 

Every week, the webinars are accessible by clicking the link below. 

Tune in here

Welcome to the April 2020 Alumni newsletter and the first edition of our quarterly newsletter series. We wish our ACPE Alumni family all the very best during these unprecedented times that we face today. Together, as a community, we will continue to support one another and those in need during this time. ACPE would like to ensure that our entire alumni family are aware that although it may have been 5, 20 or 80 years since you were an ACPE student, the College is here to support you in anyway that we can. 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for not only us here in Australia, but for those around the world. ACPE has needed to be agile during COVID-19 and has since moved our classes to a remote learning model and moved our support services to fully online. At times like these, our close connection to all students and campus culture is so critical in ensuring that we continue to provide a quality experience for every single ACPE student. We are looking at the silver lining of this and know that some of these changes will contribute to new and improved program delivery methods in the future and provide us with several new learnings. As you know, at ACPE we tend to say that we know our students by name not number. This connection has allowed us to remain close to our students and to be transparent and supportive throughout this time. We strongly encourage our alumni family to remain connected with us and one another, share stories, experiences and feedback to allow us to adapt and improve our programs for you in the future. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon.

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