Early & Alternate Entry Pathways

Early & Alternate Entry Pathways

Secure your entry and join the #1 sport education provider

ACPE offers a range of early entry and alternate entry pathways to further your studies. 
If you are looking to turn your passion for sport, health, education, dance or football into a career with an industry-recognised qualification from ACPE, then you’ve come to the right place.  Explore your entry options – we make this easy and simple no matter your situation.

ACPE Early Entry 

For current Australian year 12 students, guarantee your place and secure enrolment based on your Australian year 11 results. 

Early entry allows you to receive an offer into an ACPE degree program prior to sitting the HSC. Simply apply for your chosen degree on our website and upload your year 11 results to be eligible. Apply for your selected degree here

Application close: 14 December 2022

Priority Entry 

For current Australian year 12 students, this is a non-ATAR-based early entry program. Acceptance is based on your performance in HSC subjects that are relevant to the course(s) of your choice. Select ACPE course(s) as your UAC preference and be automatically considered for priority entry.

If you have not yet applied for studies, you may apply direct to ACPE or via UAC .

Applications close: 3 February 2023

Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)

For current Australian year 12 students, ACPE is pleased to announce we are now taking part in the Schools Recommendation Scheme.  This means you can now be considered for an early offer using your Year 11 studies and school rating.  This early entry scheme is available for most ACPE bachelor degrees (excluding education degrees). Unconditional offers will be made to successful applicants from November Round 1.

Further information about ACPE’s SRS can be found here.

Alternate entry pathway (Enable Access)

If you have left school, not completed your HSC, and are under 21 years of age, ACPE has an entry pathway to provide alternative access to an ACPE degree. Simply study one foundation unit, at no cost, for one semester. You will be considered for this entry based on the information you provided in your direct ACPE application. 

Big Picture Learning Australia (BPLA)

Known as the International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC), it offers a rigorous, non-ATAR pathway from secondary to tertiary study that is currently accepted by universities around Australia. This is an equity initiative, particularly for students from low SES and indigenous backgrounds and those with disabilities.  Direct application via ACPE is around mid-2023.

Have a question? 

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