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The Voice

Statement from the Board of the Australian College of Physical Education

The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) has recognised, for over 100 years, the important role of education and physical activity in creating a just and inclusive society. This is highlighted in the current strategic plan of the College that commits us to cultivating a culture characterised by inclusivity, intentional transformation, and diversity. Having respectful and trusted relationships with First Nations peoples is an essential element in achieving this aim.

The Board of Directors of ACPE has therefore resolved to support a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament. We acknowledge the legitimate aspirations of First Nations peoples to have a direct voice in the development and implementation of laws and policies that impact them.

The Board recognises that individuals within our community and other stakeholders may have differing perspectives and understandings on this important issue. The Board urges everyone to respect these differences and engage constructively. Each of us must make our own decisions independently at the ballot box as is our democratic right.

ACPE will also strive to create an environment in which First Nations people can achieve their full potential through education and physical activity, regardless of the outcome of the forthcoming referendum.