A reflection of transitioning to remote learning due to COVID

The beginning of the academic year is always exciting: you buy cute notebooks and pens, you make resolutions to not leave assignments until the night before, you promise yourself that you’re going to attend every lecture, and so on… The start of the 2020 academic year was no different. I knew that starting my third […]

ACPE Careers Team driving new learning opportunities for ACPE students

This year, due to COVID-19, university students right across Australia have dealt with a lot of uncertainty and change, most have transitioned to a remote learning environment. Given the changes to employee and intern recruiting and hiring, many students currently in the recruiting pipeline are unsure of how to connect with hiring managers. To improve […]

The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Charlotte Anneveld, Class of 2007

ACPE Alumna, Charlotte Anneveld, completed a Bachelor of Physical Education with the ACPE class of 2007. Sport has always played a central role in Charlotte’s life, with her cricket career taking her on an international journey. After achieving numerous feats during her cricket career on a state, national and international level, Charlotte is now sharing […]

The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Heather Welch, Class of 2005

ACPE Alumna, Heather Welch, completed a Bachelor of Physical Education as part of the 2002 intake, graduating in 2005. Since then, Heather has gone on to enjoy success in several corners of the world. Heather has enjoyed experience and success as a teacher, in sports management and now in business management. ACPE gave Heather the […]