ACPE and Sport NSW Moving Forward Together

The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) and Sport NSW have renewed their partnership for another three years. Since commencing the partnership in 2016, ACPE and Sport NSW have worked collaboratively and strategically to deliver programs and projects for both the wider sporting community and students and alumni of ACPE. With the relationship taking on […]

The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Jamie Tout, Class of 1997

ACPE Alumnus, Jamie Tout, completed a Bachelor of Physical Education as part of the 1994 intake, graduating in 1997. Since then, it goes without saying that Jamie has had a significant impact on both individuals and organisations across all levels of sport across the globe. Currently based in New Zealand, Jamie wears a number of […]

Life as a Health Science Student

I used to find science subjects, such as biology and chemistry, interesting in high school but kind of useless at the same time, because I could not really relate the information to something in my everyday life. However, ACPE and my degree have given me a new perspective and now I can relate the information […]

ACPE Sports Coaching Undergraduate Students to Interview with Industry Specialists

Athlete Talent Identification and Development is a fascinating and complex area of high-performance sport. This semester, ACPE’s Sports Coaching Undergraduate students enrolled in unit PER3207 will get to interview the following industry specialists on how they identify and develop the next generation of elite sports performers: Drew Taylor: Player Development Manager – Football NSW Andy […]

Five to Survive your First Week of Uni

The beginning of another semester at university is always tough. You go from being able to sleep the day away, hanging out with friends until early hours in the morning, eating whatever and whenever you want, to bright and early classes, assessments and assignments, and drinking copious amounts of coffee to get through the day. […]

A Day In The Life Of An Education Student: Part 1

I’ve always been a ‘hands-on’ learner, learning best by doing. And studying to be a PDHPE teacher at ACPE has proven no different. It’s fascinating to learn about different developmental theories of children and adolescents, and it is so useful to learn about the NSW Curriculum and how to write a lesson plan. But there […]

A First Hand Account Of Moving Half Way Across The World To Study

ACPE International Student; Maddie, moved to Australia to follow her dreams of studying abroad. The following article details the initial challenges faced when moving to a foreign country. The decision to move away from home is not always the easiest you do, and for me it was no different. In the previous post, I mentioned […]

The ACPE Alumni Game Changers: Sarah McDonald, Class of 2016

ACPE alumna, Sarah McDonald, completed a Bachelor of Health and Movement (Sport) in 2016 and then went onto complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Administration in 2018 with ACPE. Having been an active student who made the most of the services available to her on campus, Sarah is always looking to continually learn and develop […]