ACPE’s partnership with GWS provides students with amazing internship opportunities


ACPE student Lauren O’Shea has followed in the footsteps of other students by tackling an internship with the Greater Western Sydney Giants in their events and marketing department. Lauren is studying a Bachelor of Sports Coaching (Strength and Conditioning) full-time. She obtained this excellent opportunity with the GWS Giants through us here at ACPE citing: […]

Australian sports commentator Simon Hill furthers his studies at ACPE

Simon Hill

There are people who excel in their field, we all know them, and some of us often wonder what are they doing that I’m not? There could be a plethora of things that they’re doing differently, but one thing is for sure. They never stop learning. ACPE’s Simon Hill is a fantastic example of somebody […]

Stay on top of your exam studies with these tips

Clean up your study space Make sure you have enough room to spread your textbooks and notes out. Here is a good rule of thumb. You want to be able to extend your arms straight in front of you without knocking anything over, lamp and computers are an exception. Seeing as we just mentioned lamps, […]

Bored of the gym? Why not try these unique fitness crazes?

Rock climbing

Let’s face it, the gym is not for everybody, lifting weights, treadmills, push ups, some people prefer a more unique exercise experience than what a gym can provide. These unusual workouts let you dance, bounce, swing and climb your way to a healthier you, and you’ll have a ball getting there. If you can’t make […]

First year Applied Fitness Student excels in NSW Championships

Josh Athletics

Elite ACPE Student Athlete Joshua Azzopardi is in his first year studying a Diploma in Applied Fitness. He is fresh to open competition in Athletics, but that did not stop him from pulling out 3rd in the 100 meters and 2nd in the 200 meters. “On both of the days I was really relaxed and […]

Another Championship secured at the Super W by Elite Athlete Emily Robinson


A couple of weeks ago our very own Emily Robinson along with our Arabella McKenzie represented NSW at the Super W, where they won the Super W crown with a thrilling 8-5 victory over arch-rivals QLD. This makes for back-to-back titles for NSW. The competition in NSW is strong. The girls are competing for their […]

Career Planning Tips from the ACPE CDS Team


Know your career preferences To successfully market yourself to potential employers and to find a career that best suits you, you need to be aware of your interests, your abilities, your skills and what type of roles will suit your personality. Identify key factors You should be able to identify your values, interests, abilities, knowledge […]

Recruiters Reveal Top 5 in Demand Skills

1. Adaptability Technology is evolving, industries are shifting, social media is dominant, and new market trends require a quick response. Employers value candidates who can demonstrate an ability to adapt to these changes. How to best show your adaptability: The best way to demonstrate your flexibility is by citing examples from previous roles. This includes […]